The Dancers


I hear a song in the air,

            its beat felt more than heard,

            like a heart, steady and dependable,

            creating its own music.


There are two dancers in the distance,

            a quiet image in thought and time.

            I watch them as their movements alter,

            wondering at the bond I see.


Sometimes the dance is face to face but at a small distance,

            with hands of One enfolding those of the other.

             They move in quiet circles, their faces reflecting

             joy in each other’s presence.

                        A dance of friendship.


Sometimes the dance is shared with others

            in a whirling circle or a hand-clasped line.

            They move, first one way, then another,

            laughing to the sound of unseen instruments.

                        A dance of joy.


Sometimes the head of one rests on the Other’s shoulder,

            or tucked under the chin as a lamb would be.

            Arms encircle one another in gentle tenderness,

            softly swaying as whispers are shared.

                        A dance of comfort.


Sometimes in this same close position

            the hand of the encircled reaches

            to touch the scars on the brow and face

            of the Encircler, and weeps.

                        A dance of gratitude.


There is a bond between these two,

            deep, yet chaste,

            complete, yet honorable,

            a created one with the Creator.

            It is my Lord and I.

                        A dance of life.




-Dianne Payne
Lifegate Women



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