The 4 Million Dollar House

For we are the temple of the living God.
-II Corinthians 6:16

My Facebook friend posted a link to a house that was for sale. I normally don’t pay much attention to those since I’m not in the market for a house, but the four million plus price tag peeked my curiosity. I began scrolling through the pictures admiring this beautiful home that seemed to have jumped out of my unspoken dreams into the computer in front of me. An open stairway to greet you as you walk in the front doors, large windows opened up the front of the house as sunlight poured in, a gorgeous spacious kitchen, a home movie theater, a pool and pool house, a study – how I would love my own study to write in- and a beautiful view of the rolling fields all around you. Everything about the house was beautiful to me.

Soon, my kids were gathered around me oohing and awing at this house. We figured out that it’s tucked away back off one of the roads I take to church. It’s far enough off the road you have to look for it. It was cool to know this place is not only real, but it was also visible in our normal routine – like a hidden gem on a beaten path.

It’s been months now since we discovered the house existed and we don’t say much about it, but we know it’s there. One day recently on the way home from church my daughter asked, “Mom, did I miss the four million dollar house?” After getting my bearings on where we were compared to where it was I said, “Yes honey, we passed it already.” Then I smiled because I realized it’s still special to her. Within seconds after answering my daughter, the Lord firmly dropped into my heart, “You mean more to me than the four million dollar house.” Then my spirit began recalling scripture that says how believers are the temples of the Lord (II Cor. 6:16). He has made us His home, His dwelling place (Eph. 2:22).

He knows every nook and cranny about us. He knows our most stunning features. He knows where we are broken and need repair. He knows where our foundations lie. Yet through all this He loves us so much. We are precious to Him. He treasures us (Deut. 14:2). He doesn’t care that we may not be covered in the finest of materials like this four million dollar house. We are perfect and beautiful to Him just as we are.

As I pondered this in my heart it cemented in the truth He just told me. The King of Kings loves me. The King who could live in a palace or a castle or a four million dollar home chose to live in me because I mean more to Him than any of those places. Wow!!! As that revelation sank in I could feel love sweeping over me.


My prayer is that we all come to this wonderful revelation of how much He loves us. “Oh, how He loves us” is more than a cliché or a song. When we let the truth of this sink in, it can change the trajectory of our lives. Beautiful, YOU are deeply loved by the King of Kings.


-Hilary Mason
Lifegate Women



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