The Mighty Oak

There are many trees in my neighborhood, but one in particular has always stood out to me. Just a few doors down from my house there is an oak tree. It was probably planted there around the time our neighborhood started over 100 years ago. This tree doesn’t just stand taller than the trees around it- it’s a giant. I feel very small under it. It’s magnificent, strong, healthy, well-rooted, and flourishing.

As I thought about this verse in Isaiah, I thought about this tree. The tree does nothing to make itself great, yet it’s a magnificent display of God’s creation. A tree doesn’t need to go anywhere to glorify God. It stands tall, rooted deep, and spreads out its branches offering rest and nesting places for many creatures. From it, shade is offered, giving a reprieve from the hot sun. It serves as food to some and materials to build homes for others. Even when it decays it still gives nutrients to the ground for new life to begin. A tree goes nowhere, yet is so important to many.

When we are who God made us to be, we glorify God as this tree does. We display the Lord’s beauty as we remain steady in the Lord, deepening our roots in Him and growing with every season. As we do what we were made to do, we produce fruit and serve those around us effortlessly – simply by being His.

It’s not about our image or our efforts, but it’s all about loving Him and being the daughter, wife, sister, mother, co-worker, manager, friend or anything else He has asked us to be. We don’t have to do something mighty to be mighty. Look at our mighty oak.  It’s not doing anything heroic. It’s just being what it was designed to be. Becoming mighty often comes in being steadfast, more than it does through one glorious moment. We can be mighty like the oak.

If this one tree – that cannot speak, cannot walk, cannot move – can glorify it’s Maker, than surely you and I – who are made in the image of our Creator, who have been given all blessings in heavenly realms, who have the Spirit of the living God in us, who are the crown of creation – surely we can glorify our Creator by simply being who He says we are. Regardless of where we live, how old we are, our social status or how much money is in our account, we can be ourselves, because what God has created us to be IS enough.


-Hilary Mason
Lifegate Women


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