He will never leave

Lifegate Women believe that our Father in Heaven delights in doing life with us. And when He does, the words of that testimony are encouraging for everyone. With that, we’re thrilled to share a Glimpse into one gal’s life as the Lord moved. Enjoy, friends.


10 years ago today, I didn’t show up to work. My coworkers came to my rescue, broke into my apartment and helped save my life! I was unconscious and got an ambulance ride to the hospital, where I stayed in the ICU in a coma for several days- Ketoacidosis. I had been a Type 1 Diabetic since age 14, but on this day after being sick, my blood sugar had reached a new high of 1,300 – yikes! (normal levels are 80-150)

With my parents rushing back home from South Texas, my brother was fighting for me at the hospital. He had been told the mortality rate for a person in my condition was “extremely high.” They didn’t want to wake me from the coma for fear that my brain would swell. They weren’t sure if I would be able to walk again, get my eye-hand coordination back and said that my speech could slur.

But with a lot of prayer and God’s grace and mercy – I survived! After 10 days in the hospital, the only issue I had was a blood clot (and I’m still diabetic). Later, when they did an ultrasound where the blood clot was – the medical technician was amazed and told me “I have never seen such beautiful insides before!” My guess is that what she saw in the ultrasound, was where the Lord had been – He healed me and took care of me!

The Lord is so good and faithful! When I was no longer able to fight for my life, He sent help to fight for me! When all the situations at the hospital weren’t looking so good – I had so many people praying and pleading for my life! God’s word says “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He was by me the entire time and never left my side. He’s such a good father!




Life is short, but I’m so thankful mine didn’t end 10 years ago. Thanks to everyone who helped, prayed and cared for me…I’m so thankful!!


-Amber Francis
Lifegate Women


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