The Role You Were Born to Play

“But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.”
Isaiah 43:1

I trained for a 10k. Today I am an athlete. I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Today I am a wife. I read the book and took careful notes. Today I am a student. I graded papers and wrote descriptive feedback. Today I am a teacher. I bathed the dog and cleaned her ears. Today I am a pet owner. I drew a sketch of my thoughts and feelings. Today I am an artist. I picked up prescriptions and called about follow up medical exams. Today I am a caretaker.

The previous statements are all true of me on any given day. As women we often find ourselves stepping into numerous roles and doing our best to carry them out. Sometimes our identity and purpose in life can become lost in these roles.


I recently read about Natalie Portman’s preparation for the film Black Swan. Portman reported that she lost twenty pounds, spent eight hours in a daily ballet rehearsal, and, at one point, even dislocated her rib. As an outsider looking in, this sort of “dedication to the art” breaks my heart. However, I can see the similar abuses that we do to our own bodies to ensure that we “play the role.” Have you ever stayed up late into the night finishing a project for work? Woken up before the sun to clean your house so that guests will think you “have it together”? Foregone breakfast so that you can look like the women on television?

When we go through life stretched paper thin and focused on our “role” we forget the most important role of all. Friend, you are a Daughter of the King. When we are born again, He sends His Holy Spirit to live in you. He has called you by name and you are HIS! So don’t spend so much time focusing on the earthly roles that you want to play or must play. Instead, spend time focusing on the Great Director of it all. God knows the roles you will play in your life even before you play them. He has cast you perfectly for each of these roles, and He will give you the advice and tools you need to play them out genuinely and with grace. Does this mean we will always have a perfect performance? Of course not, but we know that in the end God will be there applauding for us.

~ Marisa McClintock, Lifegate Women

Digging Deeper:

Make a list of all the “roles” you play on a daily basis. When you look at the list is there something that exhausts you? What about something that makes you feel pure joy? Look for the link that either makes a role exhausting or joy-filled, and ask God to help you to recognize the roles you were born to play, and to remove or receive supporting actors for the roles that leave you feeling stretched thin.




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