Being Called to Greatness: Ruling & Reigning

“This is a faithful saying: For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him.  If we endure, we shall also reign with Him.”
2 Timothy 2:11-12 (NKJ)

I have grown to love the study of words and just how powerful they are once I know the core meaning behind them.  I believe if we stay on the surface, we will receive the things in the shallows, but if we are willing to dive down and get a little wet, I believe that is when we will discover the thing of the deep.  Let us dive deep into this verse and truly open our minds to the treasure that these simple, yet powerful, words hold for us.

So the Scripture starts out, “This is a faithful saying…” Boom right out of the gate! Like a plane skywriting a message for all to see…these words can be trusted for they are sure and they are true!  Now that it has grasped our full attention let us continue on.  “For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him.” We must die to our sin, just as Christ died for the sins of the world.  To make the choice to lay down our old life, in exchange for the new one that Jesus offers us.  We must give up the life that separated us from Him to make room for the life of righteousness, peace, and hope that He offers.  In doing this, God offers us a newness of life and the promise of eternal glory with Him.

Now here is where things start to get interesting:  “If we endure…”  The word suffer can be such a gut wrenching word.  We associate this word with excruciating pain, heartbreaking trials, or even unbearable circumstances. But the word suffer here, when translated back to the original Greek means “to stay under or remain.”  What the Scripture is referring to is someone who has grit, someone who is steadfast and strong, someone who is willing to stick it out until the very end.

Yes, sometimes there is pain, sometimes their is heartbreak, but that is what makes you an overcomer.  That is what separates you from the masses and brings you to the other side – transformed and hopeful.  Since you have anchored yourself in Him, and who He is, since you have kept your eyes focused on the one who holds your storm in His hands, you will be victorious and you will be found secure when the wind and waves of life subside.


Now this is where we need a drum roll…“we shall also reign with Him.”  The word reign here means, “to be a co-regent” with Him.  A person who exercises the ruling power in a kingdom alongside the sovereign.  If I had a mic, right here is where I would drop it!


I don’t believe that this is only referring to after Jesus comes back again. God designed the world not only so He would influence us, but also that we would partner with Him to bring His purposes and powers to fruition here on this earth.  He wants His will carried out to every tribe and every nation, but He wants it carried out in cooperation with us.  Our co-reigning with Him is brought into action when we partner with Him and His purposes through prayer, and we offer ourselves up to be His hands and feet in which to accomplish it.

~Tami Wittrock
Lifegate Women, Campus Lead – Papillion

Digging Deeper

Read Romans 8:17.  What areas of your life do you believe God is asking you to partner with Him in?  What invitation is He sending you? Press in and ask Him to reveal to you what it is He is wanting to co-labor with you on.  He may ask you to step out, he may ask you to risk, but know that whatever He calls you to do, He will also be faithful to equip you for, right alongside Him.


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