Learning to Live Limitless

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37 (ESV)

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (ESV)

Natural limitations have often defined what we can and can’t do, what may be possible or impossible, what is achievable and that which is out of our grasp.  Being human definitely has its limits, although our creativity and grit has made some pretty incredible strides throughout history. Limitations leave us in need, in need for a God that has no limitation, in need for a relationship with the One who makes these impossibilities possible!  These verses above are almost hard to wrap our mind around.  Nothing will be impossible with God.  Can you even begin to fathom this concept?

Nothing, I mean nothing, is out of your reach with God. 

Impossible is where we end and God begins.

Impossible is where we go from natural limitations to supernatural miracles, all because of the power of our limitless God.


Let’s take some time and look at one of the greatest stories about God’s limitless and power long after natural limitations had set in…let us look at the story of our beautiful sister, Sarah.  Sarah was a strong, dependent, intelligent and beautiful woman.  Her name literally means “princess.”  Here she was, minding her own business, living a life of comfort and loving her day-to-day, when the Lord put a call on her husband Abraham’s life.  A call to leave his father’s land and everything they knew to travel to an unknown land, where their name would be great, and blessing would come.  Moving is no fun, especially when your moving van consists of a camel and a donkey!  I am sure this was extremely hard on Sarah, but she definitely carried faith with her on the journey – faith and the hope that the things God promised would come to pass.  She established the mission in her life of helping her husband to fulfill God’s purposes for him.  But she, too, had a dream of her own.  She desired to be a mother, to have a baby of her own; to raise a Godly child to know and follow the Lord.  This dream was a long time coming and went through many long years of struggle and pain.

Abraham was nearly 100 years old and Sarah 90 when God spoke to them and said that Sarah would bare a son.  Ninety years old?  Seriously, 90?  It completely makes sense that Sarah laughed when she heard this.  She must have been thinking, “Is that even humanly possible?”  Her faith at this point must have been wavering.  We have all been there when the facts of our natural life seem to outweigh the truth of God’s word and promises.  I think the turning point for Sarah was when God said to her “Is anything too difficult for the Lord?”  This challenge rekindled her heart, sparking the memories of His faithfulness and in that moment she arose, becoming strong and steadfast until that day when she held the fulfillment of God’s promise in her arms.

~Tami Wittrock
Lifegate Women, Campus Lead – Papillion

Digging Deeper

What promises have you let go of?  What words have you long forgot?  Ask the Lord to stir them again in your heart, to bring them to the forefront of your mind.  If you hold on to them and do not lose hope, God will make good on His word in due time.  For He is always faithful and He is always good and in that you can have hope.  So like Sarah, may your laugh of doubt turn to a laugh of triumph joy, knowing that what the Lord has promised you, He will be faithful to complete in you.



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