Crafted With Care

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


That little furball there is my pup, Sammy. Just five pounds of precious all packed into a tiny body mere inches off the ground. He’s sweet as pie, gentle and good medicine for a downtrodden spirit.

Sammy came to us about three years ago from an unlikely source. My husband had a job with Sammy’s previous owners and when he came home on the final day of the job, Sammy came too. We fell hopelessly in love with him, because….well, look at him!

One time, Sammy’s previous owner, a sweet and Godly woman who is just as generous with her kindness and love as she is with her dogs, told me that she had hopes to make the pup a show dog. Alas, a defective coat of fur kept him from ever realizing Westminster Dog Show glory.

Thankfully, Sammy is none the wiser on what could have been. My little guy only knows that each day should be filled with some food, some water, a bunch of snuggles, and plenty of naps thrown in for good measure. I suspect that Sammy has never once laid about the house, miserable over his lack of applause, wallowing in wonder of where he had gone wrong and what he was doing with his life.

Animals only know what they are and what they are to do. God designed them to just be. To just live. You don’t see a cow trying hard to be a horse, or a fish flopping on the shore in a futile attempt at being a turtle. Isn’t that amazing? The thought of waking up day after day and never questioning what you were made to be??

Do you know that Father never questions who He made you to be?  He designs sons and daughters with great care and an expressed purpose that He has pre-ordained. When the Lord looks at you, a beloved and cherished child, He never wonders if He could have done a better job. He doesn’t harbor regret over His handiwork or disappointment about what could have been. Because He saw you before you were born and He sees what you will become someday, in perfect timing. Even in our imperfection, we can be complete in Christ.

Sister, don’t let the lie of inferiority seep into your heart and steal what the Lord has called into being. At such a time as this, God saw fit to craft you by His own hands, breathe into your lungs and stir that heart to thump in a rhythm that sustains your life. Know that He would never go to such lengths if He didn’t also have great plans for a future and a hope for you. Purpose is knitted into your design, an essential element in the way He sculpted you.

~Mande Saitta, Lifegate Women

Digging Deeper:

Do you ever find yourself questioning what your purpose is or whether you’ve missed it? Have a frank conversation with God about expectations, disappointments, and your desires. Ask Him to reveal fresh things to you, allowing Him to reassure you of His great plans for your life!




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