Two Cups

Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common uses.
Romans 9:21

A few years ago, I went back to the church I grew up in. I reconnected with some of the parents of people from my youth group. I discovered many of my peers are on the mission field or in ministry.  It didn’t take long before I grew frustrated with myself. I wasted so many years in my teens and twenties living for myself.  Years I could have invested in growing in the Lord.

Where did those years get me?  What have I done with my life? 

I came back to the Lord and He has blessed me with a wonderful husband and children, though I took the long way to get there. Still I thought, “I am just a wife and mother.  Nothing extraordinary about that.  Not like being a missionary.”

After what seemed like weeks of being frustrated and hard on myself, I think the Lord had enough of my wallowing.  In firmness and love, He showed me something I will never forget.  He showed me two cups:


One made of gold and adorned with jewels.






The other a simple, worn wooden cup. 

The gold cup was extraordinary and valued.  This is how I was saw missionaries.  The wooden cup was an ordinary cup that got everyday use.  That symbolized me, a wife and a mom, a common life.  The Lord showed me that both cups had equal value to Him.  If you lost either of these cups you would know it.  The gold one has high value, but the wooden one is used daily and would be greatly missed if it was lost.  He showed me that raising my children is an honorable purpose. He highly values the time and energy I put into bringing them up in His ways.

A peace and joy came over me as I was assured that God is in control.  He knows why He’s fashioned one for noble purposes and the other for common uses.  He knows where I am, and is not disappointed. That assurance was awesome, but then God showed me the wooden cup again.  It began to turn just slightly and I could see He was still working on it, fashioning beautiful details. Then He whispered in my heart, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

~ Hilary Mason, Lifegate Women

Digging Deeper:

Was their ever a time when you felt like doing what God was calling you to do wasn’t enough? Like something as simple as being a good wife, mom, or employee was too small to be what God was asking you to do? Ask the Lord to give you clarity on what He’s calling you to do in this season of life and for His perspective.





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