Your Maker Decides Your Value

“What marvelous love the Father has extended to us!  Just look at it-we’re called children of God!  That’s who we really are.” -1 John 3:1a (MSG)

Who designed you? Who imagined your life for you? Who dreamed you up? News flash: Not You! Your value is decided by your Maker, not by you and your perception of self.  And what a relief that we are not self-designed but that we have a Maker who doesn’t create an assembly line of cookie cutter people.  He specially and specifically designs each one of us with our unique DNA for the world we will be birthed into.

Get out of your head and stop deciding your worth! You were never made to do such a thing-that’s God’s job, He decides.  Be careful not to give yourself too much credit, it’s God’s thoughts and God’s word that is final.

He’s the one who puts the value on and in your life. 

Without His opinion spoken over your life you will likely come up with a wrong perception in this area of your worth.

When a new baby is birthed into a family, she is immensely valued from the very beginning.  Has that baby given or produced a great work or done something spectacular? Usually they eat, pee, poop, cry and sleep.  Last time I checked, no blue ribbons were given out for that kind of performance. God put infinite value in your life, just for being a person.  If you are a parent, you put infinite value into a child birthed into your family, just because they are your child.  We are HIS CHILDREN, of infinite value and worth because HE DECIDED.


Digging Deeper:

Read 1 John 3:1-3 in 3 different Bible versions, if possible ( is a great resource if you don’t have 3 different versions readily available).  Ask God to show you if and how you are perceiving your worth and value incorrectly. Ask Him to right any self-talk you say about yourself that does not honor Him.  Write 5 examples below of places and people other than God where you might be trying to find your value. Why do you think this is?  Journal about or share with a trusted friend what the Lord has revealed to you.  Write out a prayer or ask a friend to pray with you that God would help you shift your thinking in this area of Your Value.


Dear Lord, Help me to shift any part of my thoughts and actions that are seeking value from others people and other things.  Instead, help me to trust fully on what you say about my worth.  Amen.

~Meredith Sikorksi,
Lifegate Women, Campus Lead – Midtown


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