Path to the High Places


Have you ever watched a Big Horn Sheep or an antelope bound up a steep trail on a mountainside? AMAZING!  Their feet seem to grip the ground.  The preceding verse compares our walk with Jesus to the ability of a “hind” to traverse a rocky, steep, mountain incline. A hind is a female red deer that makes its home in mountainous areas.  The back feet of the hind step exactly where the front feet have been as it moves.  Each step is followed through with single-focused consistency.  This makes the hind the most sure-footed mountain animal.

In our walk with Jesus, He gives us a sure-footed ability to navigate through the challenges of life. When walking a steep rocky slope, it’s easy to lose our balance and slip.  When we attempt to maneuver through life without keeping our eyes on Jesus, it is easier to slip off the right path and stumble in our choices, to fall prey to temptation, to take a wrong turn.  I’m comforted that I can walk with confidence the path God sets before me when I keep my eyes on Jesus!

Think of a time when you’ve kept your eyes on Jesus through difficult circumstances.  Describe how God “gave you hind’s feet” on the path that is your life. Contrast that with a time you took your eyes off Jesus.  Describe how that affected your ability to make wise choices and stand firm in your faith.

Digging Deeper

Read all of Psalm 18.  What does this chapter reveal about God’s passion for you?


~Deb Schmidt
Lifegate Women, Campus Lead – West Dodge, PM


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