Our Value does not change over time


High school was a fun time in my life. I had many friends, was involved in several sports and clubs, and I was a smart student. My senior year, I was even crowned Homecoming Queen! Most outsiders might think that my life looked pretty great! These things that I have mentioned are all good, but the problem was, I gained my self-worth through these areas. Friends are fickle, my athletic abilities were not super, and my grades did not always reflect my intelligence. As you can imagine, I did not place a high value on myself. I saw all my flaws through a magnifying glass and it caused many unhealthy things to happen throughout my high school years.

If you search for statistics about how women feel about their worth, you will find that 42-97% feel they are worthless and they do not like themselves. A large reason why we feel this way is because of how we rate ourselves in different areas of life. Most women judge themselves in three areas:

  1. Our appearance-our beauty, our sense of style, our skill at grooming.
  2. Our accomplishments-our intelligence, our abilities, and our talents
  3. Our relationships-as a wife, mother, friend, employee, etc.


The problem with using these three things to rate yourself, is that all of these areas will change over the course of your life! Your outer beauty will change as you age and it is practically impossible to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends. There will always be someone smarter and more capable than you. Your friends change over the years and your children grow up and move away. Your relationships shift. If you gain your value through things that are constantly changing, then your worth will never be constant either.

 My grandmother used to say, “God is the same yesterday, today, and for eternity!”

He loved you before you were born. He created you exactly how He wanted you to be. His love for you is the same yesterday, today and for all of eternity! This, this unchanging love is where we need to find our value.

*Three areas taken from More Precious than Diamonds by Darlene Sala.

Digging Deeper

Go to God in prayer regarding the three areas women use to rate themselves. Which area do you find yourself seeking your value from? Write it down. Ask God what He thinks of you.  What does He say you are worth? Hint: God’s voice is always loving – never cruel or condemning. If you hear something that does not line up with the truth of God’s word, that you are valuable and priceless, then it’s not God’s voice that you are hearing.

~Samantha Cosgrove
Lifegate Women, Associate Director


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