Do You Feel Buried?

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I was outside enjoying the warm air today, planting tulip, daffodil, and crocus bulbs. This week has been unusually warm for fall. It is wonderful but also a cruel trick of sorts. Tricking my mind into forgetting that the cold winter is coming.

No more running outside barefoot. No more swinging in the back yard. The bicycles will be put away for the season. Windows shut tight to keep out the cold air.

But today, today we enjoy the sun and plant the bulbs.

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There is something special about planting bulbs. I love to plant bulbs in the fall so they will grow and bloom in the spring. My daughters love helping. Their young minds are curious. They are captivated by a sense of wonder that is contained in the bulbs. All the tulip bulbs look the same. Just looking at them, you have no clue what color they will be when they bloom. How can this plain white fleshy bulb, covered in a thin tan paper turn into a beautiful red tulip? 

I am cautious as I plant them. Not too deep, not too shallow. Bulbs must be deep enough. Covered by dirt and mulch to protect them from the coming winter. Not too deep. They need to be close enough to the surface to feel the warmth of the sun. As the sun warms the dirt, the bulb is awakened. Invited to grow. Breaking out of the bulb, the sprout pushes us through the dirt.


As I plant the bulb, I wonder if it feels buried. Not planted. Buried. Placed into a dark, damp hole. Covered with dirt that is pushed down and packed in around it. Hidden. 

Sometimes in life do you feel buried? Covered with the weight of life. To do lists. Caring for family. Maintaining friendships. Decisions hovering over you that need to be made. Buried! Sometimes I feel just plain ol’ buried!


Then I remember. I am not buried. I am planted! God has planted me in my perfect place. He has put me deep enough to feel the weight. The pressure.  This heaviness is what will draw me to Him. I must look up. Remember that He is within reach. I feel His warmth. His invitation. Calling me to grow toward Him. And as I seek Him daily, I grow.

This plain white fleshy bulb that was planted, experiences something supernatural. I am transformed. The Lord sees what is on the inside and He calls it out of me. He speaks His truths over me. He draws out my beauty. I push through my flesh. Past the dirt. Towards the Son. And emerge a radiant new creation. 

Right now I might feel a little buried. I look around and still see a lot of flesh. Each day I seek Him more and more. I grow. I trust Him and what He says is inside of me. Anticipating the glorious flower that He will blossom in the spring.

Isa 43

Samantha Cosgrove

Lifegate Women Coordinator


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