Do Not Lose Sight of His Promise to You

With all of the freezing days we’ve just endured, I can not miss the chance to get outside with my girls when there is nice weather. So, when we finally had a warm day, we were all itching to get outside. I let the girls know that we could go outside, but first I had to complete a few chores. They were ecstatic!  They ran off, got dressed, brushed their hair and their teeth. In their minds they were ready to go outside. I had a few other things on my agenda to do first. My goal was still to go outside, just not yet.

We did our school lesson, got the baby dressed, picked up the toys, etc. I told the girls that I was going to get ready and then we would go outside. They were very excited. Quickly, though, they forgot that they were waiting for me to get ready. They forgot about their dream to go outside. They were easily entertained by playing zoo with their stuffed animals.

As I continued to get dressed, I realized that no one was at my heels begging to go outside. No one was knocking at my bathroom door asking “Is it time yet? Are you ready?” I had not forgotten my promise to them. My main goal of the day was still to go outside. The girls had forgotten.

I was excited when I was ready and announced “It’s time to go outside!” With surprise in their eyes, they had to remember their dream from earlier in the day. Once they remembered that I had promised an outside adventure, they were thrilled that the time had come.

Once again, our energy was focused on the dream of the great outdoors. They got on their coats and shoes. Then they asked a strange question; “Can we take our animals outside and play zoo?”  They were still distracted, not fully focused on the promise of an outdoor adventure. I gently reminded them that we were going out to play and ride bikes. Playing zoo was fun but that time was over. Again, being reminded of their dream to play outside, they quickly left their animals behind and followed me into the great outdoors….

samantha outdoors

How many times in life has God given you a promise, but distraction creeps in while you’re waiting for His timing? You forget to keep seeking Him. You forget to keep asking “Are You ready? Is it time?” I think it is fine to carry on while we are waiting. Continuing with life is different than becoming so distracted that we forget the promise.

I never want to be distracted and entertained by daily, menial things. When God comes to me and says “I’m ready! It is time!” I want my response to be “Oh thank You, Lord! I have been waiting for you! I have been preparing and anticipating this great adventure with You!”

My hope is that today you will be reminded of a dream that God has promised you. Have you been distracted? Or have you been eagerly seeking and waiting on His perfect timing?

Remember that we can easily be amused and entertained by things. Even good things. But nothing can compare to Gods perfect timing. Him fulfilling a promise of a dream He has given to us.

– Samantha Cosgrove

First Tuesdays Coordinator


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