The Dance Isn’t Over!

blog post 9.17.2014There are many of us who start our summer super excited about the idea of throwing aside the monotonous routine of the school year. I couldn’t wait to spend our days outside by the pool, taking all my kids on weekly adventures to the Zoo or finding a new park, and grilling out dinner every night! There were going to be endless possibilities as to what we could do with our whole day spent together!

Fast forward through the three long months and you have me dreaming about waking up everyday at the same time, going to bed at the same time each night, and even looking forward to making cold lunch!

I wanted my routine back.  Then, I got my routine back and it’s not enough, because I don’t have a rhythm. It all feels forced. I don’t have a groove down. I’m still stumbling like I have two left feet! I am excited about the future routine, but right now, it doesn’t feel natural. It isn’t comfortable!

Then I step into church, and I realize that Lifegate Church and I are experiencing the same thing; my groove is gone. My usual parking spot is gone, I don’t know where to check-in my kids, my friends said they were going to 1st Service, but where are they? The gym, the tent, or maybe they decided to try Papillion Campus this morning! Then you hear the announcement that Tuesday Mornings has gone from being called “Hearts” to “Tuesday Mornings,” then you see “First Tuesdays.” What is happening? Who is trying to mess with my routine? Life is ever changing and unpredictable, shouldn’t church be comfortable and consistent?!

This week we would have kicked-off our Tuesday Mornings together.  We should be getting into the Tuesday rhythm; sipping coffee, worshiping together, hearing a teaching that is exactly what we needed to hear, laughing or crying or praying with ladies at the table – the Tuesday Morning routine! Instead, I sipped my coffee at home in between doing dishes, answering the phone, all while in my pajamas. I’m irritable and sad.  I’d like someone to call and tell me that Tuesdays are back on! Then, just before I slip into a pity party, I hear a small voice whisper, the dance isn’t over.

The dance isn’t over!

The music has not stopped. Our friends are still on the dance floor beside us. And this time, we have been invited to learn a new dance. It may be slightly unfamiliar, and we may feel a little unsteady while we learn it, but this new dance is a dance of promise and hope.

Sometimes, when we are lost in the beat of our favorite song, we can miss what is happening to those not on the dance floor – all the women who can’t come to the dance, those who can’t commit to attending the dance every week, those who need the dance to continue in the summer, and those who are not sure they want to attend a dance where you get into a groove with a group of women watching. Maybe we need to get off the dance floor to rest. Just maybe we are so caught up in the dance that we don’t stop to listen to the words.

Tuesday October 7th will kick-off the new dance. It will be the dance that works for all women. It will give us rest. It will let the words to the song resonate and sink down deep. It will be the song that fills you up, so you can pour out without running dry.

The dance isn’t over!


4 thoughts on “The Dance Isn’t Over!

  1. Kerri Allers says:

    Hi Sarah. I moved out here from Michigan after my divorce. Started going to Lifegate. I wanted to get back into women’s ministry, so I went to Nourish. Then that was no longer offered. Than I joined the choir, then that was no longer offered. Then Heart’ s was changed to Tuesday’s. And we are only getting together once a month. I’m usually a flexible person, but it feels more like a roller coaster ride then a dance. I’m looking for stability in my life, and hopefully I’ll find it with the new Tuesday’s. Thank you, Kerri

    • lifegate women says:

      Kerri, We are so glad you are here, and we hope that you will find the new Tuesdays format to be life-giving! We would encourage you to look into a Women’s Lifegroup as well! We’ll be sharing more about how to get started with a Women’s Lifegroup at our October 7th meeting! Looking forward to seeing you in just a couple of weeks! 🙂

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