Have you heard about Tuesdays???


Good Morning Ladies!!!

We are so excited to announce the new Lifegate Women – First Tuesdays! The Lord is so good to us. He has led us on  a new adventure concerning Tuesdays. In the past we were meeting weekly from 9-11. This year we will still meet 9-11 but ONLY the First Tuesday of the month. We will also be adding an EVENING event!! Woo Hoo!! So many women have been praying for and waiting for an evening ministry. This new schedule will open God’s doors wide open to many more women and be at both Dodge and Papillion campus!

On the off 3 weeks, when we are not meeting corporately, we will be having Women’s Lifegroups. Please attend the First Tuesday October 7th to get more information regarding these new Women’s Lifegroups!

We believe that this new schedule and being at both campuses is really great. All the women of Lifegate will be able to have worship, hear the same message, and have prayer time. Through this expansion of the ministry, God will be able to spread His vision throughout all of Lifegate Women! We are so excited to be united under one vision as the women of Lifegate. Please say that you will join us on this new adventure! And invite lots of friends!!

Tuesdays – Lifegate Women
Starting October 7, 2014

1st Tuesday | 9 – 11am | Room 219 | Childcare Provided | Free Registration | West Dodge Campus

1st Tuesday | 6:30 – 8:30pm | Sanctuary | No Childcare Provided | Free Registration | Papillion Campus

Join us for women’s only worship, teaching and prayer that will encourage and deepen your faith.


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