My Garden

Spring is an exciting time for me. The sun is warm on my face, the kids are smiling and screaming outside, and a fresh, sweet breeze whispers through my windows. The joy of seeing old plants sprout and blossom.  The adventure of adding new ones to the garden. All of it is food for my soul.

This week I was digging up good, rich dirt. Shoveling it in a bucket and dumping it on the backside of my house. It seemed a shame to remove such wonderful soil from my flower garden, but there was something new that needed to move in. A strong, new, vibrant flower. One that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds and bring beauty to the existing garden.

I also spent time watering and medicating my Magnolia tree that is yet to bloom this season. After a hot, dry summer and a deep freeze this winter, the tree is struggling to wake for the spring. I tenderly checked the branches, praying I would find even one that still had green soft insides – a sign that life is still within. Warm sun, vitamin-rich rain, and a tender touch from this gardener is sure to encourage it to awake and enjoy this new spring.

Spring brings about many emotions in our lives. Joy. Adventure. New life. But it can also be hard to enjoy when we are slow to awake from our harsh winter.

The Lord is the perfect gardener. He grows the plants, and us, all winter. Under the surface. Unseen. He then awakens us in His due time. He knows what soil to remove. That even good rich healthy soil sometimes needs to be removed to make room for new life. He needs room to plant new joy, new adventure, and new dreams. He also needs room for past dreams to sprout. He has tender hands that care for His hurting child as she is cautious to leave her cold, dark winter and emerge into the warmth and beauty of spring.

I pray that you will allow the Lord’s tender loving hands to welcome you into this new spring. That the soil of your heart will be rich and ready for what He longs to grow in you and the new dreams He is orchestrating and making room for. I pray you will allow Him to heal your heart from your harsh winter so that you can enjoy Him and the new spring He has created just for you.

John 15:1 NIV “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.”

I pray this message is an encouragement to you. I am thinking of you and praying for you.


Tuesday Morning Coordinator, Lifegate Church


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