Who Am I?

Hello Women of Hearts!

What an inspired teaching by Anne Rice this morning!  I felt like God was telling me so much through her words, and because of her advice to write things down, I was furiously trying to scribble down notes, so that I wouldn’t forget a single thing!

The Meditation Verse spoke volumes before the teaching even began.  Isaiah 49:16 says, “See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49.16 pictureEven as I read it aloud before we got rolling this morning, it caused a lump to form in my throat.  The revelation that He loves me so much that He has engraved me on His palm, was almost more than my heart could take in.  I plan to add this to the growing list of Bible verses that have “jumped off the page” for me.  Among the many things I took away from Anne’s teaching today, is that I need to start keeping track of these verses, the prophetic words people speak over me, and the whispers I hear from the Holy Spirit.  As a person with an administrative heart, part of the fun for me will be putting together a binder that will likely be color coded and methodically organized, but it could just as easily be a notebook or journal.  We don’t have homework in Hearts, but I would really urge you to start recording the verses, prophetic words, and words you receive from the Holy Spirit too.  Be open to seeing yourself as God sees you, and write down the truths that He reveals to you!

If any of you missed this teaching, or any of the other amazing teachings we’ve had so far this semester at Hearts, please take the time to listen to them on podcast.  You will be so blessed by every single teaching!

You can find the podcasts at www.lifegateomaha.com/adults/women/  or at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hearts-omaha/id389582307?mt=2

Praying you all have a super blessed week!  See you next Tuesday.

Jen Stoakes

PS: I would love to hear what God is showing you through the teachings at Hearts, so please feel free to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Nancy Johnson says:

    Jen, this teaching blew me away. I can’t stop thinking about it: that Heaven knows who I am, but as I will be. God sees me as I am meant to be. Now I have to start living in it! It’s a great encouragement to me: that I don’t have to live according to the world’s standards. God has greater things for all of us! Awesome!

  2. renlvsclay says:

    Color coded,. Sounds perfect!
    Anne’s lesson inspired some great conversation at our table yesterday. Especially the question about the bible verses.

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