“Loving Yourself”

Hello Women of Hearts!

We have really hit the ground running this semester!  We’re only 3 weeks in, and I feel like I’m already learning and growing so much.  “Loving Yourself” can be a challenging concept for us to wrap our heads around, and after learning from Pastor Connie about some of the distortions we face, it’s no wonder we struggle.  Knowing about our stumbling blocks, (distortions like: insecurity, vulnerability, worthlessness, obligation, etc.) is the first step to breaking that strong-hold and being able to see ourselves the way God sees us, through eyes of pure love.  He loves us right where we’re at, ladies!  WE should love ourselves, because we are God’s creation.  Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

I am still processing the wealth of information we received from Kris Beauchamp and Dr. Silva on January 8th at the “Loving Me” seminar.  Knowledge is definitely power, and being armed with the information they gave us has me feeling far less fearful about breast cancer; I hope you were all encouraged and bolstered up as well!  It’s also a great comfort to know that if/when we face breast cancer that we have a support system ready to help us navigate all of the questions, medical terminology, and fear we may encounter.  The Community Breast Health Navigator and Cancer Support Program is a great resource, so share it with your friends!

The Community Breast Health Navigator and Cancer Support Program contact information:

Web link:        www.nebraskabreasthealthnavigator.org                                     Email:             info@nebraskabreasthealthnavigator.org                                     Phone:           (402) 559-8883

A few of you have asked when the seminar and the teachings will be put on podcast.  There have been some technical difficulties, so it’s taking a little more time to get the podcasts posted on the Lifegate website.  We apologize for the delay, and we’ll let you know when the issue is resolved and the teachings are posted online.

In closing, I want you to know that I am praying for all of you.  For those participating in the fast, I pray you can already feel God working on the things you are trusting Him to establish in your life.  If you’re not fasting, there’s still time to jump in and experience God’s power and favor through fasting.

It is truly an honor and a joy to do life with you each and every week.  See you Tuesday!

Love and blessings – Jen Stoakes

God loves me


3 thoughts on ““Loving Yourself”

  1. Sherry Nolte says:

    The teachings have been so wonderful. Sometimes it is hard for us to see the distortions that keep us from loving ourselves the way God truly loves and when we can be set free from those, that perfect loves drives that fear away and God’s love and God who is love reigns in us.

  2. emily wagoner says:

    Thank you, Jen! I’m so blessed and excited to be a part of this amazing community of women. Thanks for posting links to those resources! I’m excited for the podcasts to be up so I can get caught up! 🙂

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