The Day I Was Made A VIP

Post by: Lisa Keith

Sean, our four kids and I are on the road traveling to the east coast and back – visiting family, national monuments, and beautiful mountains. One thing we could not pass up on our trip was visiting Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. In 8 short years they have grown from zero to about 10,000. They love people and it shows.

They know a lot about hospitality, so whether you are a volunteer at church or having a dinner party in your home these tips will make your guests feel like a VIP.

These are the things that impacted me the most:

#1. They came out to me. Normally, when I am am new somewhere, and especially visiting a church, I like to fly under the radar. I want to be like a spy during a covert operation…get in and get out without being detected. I like getting the lay of the land, hear the teaching, see how they worship and then slip out without having to raise my hand signifying my newness and get awkward glances right before the offering.

Instead, someone walked out to greet our large group (10 of us) in the parking lot and seemed to be very excited to meet us. He deemed each of us VIP’s, directed us to where we needed to go, and gave us a gift!!! I must admit, I do like gifts. They don’t even have to be big, flashy or expensive. After all it is the thought that counts.

#2. They made me visible. The gift they gave us was an Elevation Worship CD. It was quite intelligently wrapped in a shiny black folder labeled VIP – Not something that could be easily stuffed into a pocket or bag. But that’s ok because whenever someone spied it they smiled, welcomed me, and pointed me in the right direction. Creating a much more enjoyable experience for me.

#3. They gave First Class treatment. The rest of the family wanted to get a seat as the service was starting, but I needed to use the restroom. I made my way quickly out of the restroom where I found someone waiting to show me where my family had found seats. Now that’s service!

As we were leaving the building I gathered my son from eKids, turned in our guest card, and got yet another gift! Yay!

I left with a full heart, full hands and a happy 4 year old wearing a pirate eye patch. Now I am looking forward to the next time that I can visit the people in Charlotte who made me a VIP.



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