Heart 2 Hearts

White As Snow

This week it snowed.
Beautiful, white, perfect snow. 
I was reminded of Job 38.  God is speaking to Job and asked: “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail?” What an amazing thought.  Our God that creates snow to blanket the Earth is the same God that cares for you and me.  I would encourage you to read Job 38 and read it out loud.  This passage shows the power of God and I am in complete awe of Him.  He talks about how He knows where light is formed and the lightning bolts report to Him. WOW! He is so awesome in power and at the same time, so tenderly cares for each of us.
When I was younger I said, “Wouldn’t the snow be beautiful if it were all different colors?” A older women was with me and replied “I think it’s just perfect.  The white snow reminds me of how Jesus has cleansed us… white as snow”.  I sat there staring out the window thinking “she is right, it is perfect”.
Our God has given us a clear picture of what He has already told us in His Word, Isaiah 1:18:  “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;”  Have you asked Jesus to wash you white as snow?  I hope that every time you see the snow, it will be a reminder of what God has done for you.
Are you in awe of Him today? Read Job 38, get excited about who God is, how magnificent and mighty He is.  And then remember that this same God loves you and desires you to draw closer to Him.
Remember the old hymn “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”.  The words say “how precious is the flow that makes me white as snow.”  Click this link and let the words minister to your heart.  http://youtu.be/BMOhG7ZsYaY
By: Samantha Cosgrove

Food Schedule for 2/28 includes tables 1-5. We are always getting requests for healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and casseroles.  Please bring food by 9am.

Anne Rice will be teaching tomorrow at Hearts.  See you there!

Photo by: Reggan Simons


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