Heart 2 Hearts

Meditating on God’s Word is so important for spiritual growth.  We want to become Women of the Word.  Take a few moments each day to dwell on our meditation verse:

Who may ascend the hill of the Lord?  Who may stand in his holy place?  Those who have clean hands and a pure heart.  Psalm 24:3-4

I think the thing that hit me most about the teaching in Hearts this week was the definition of shame and how it motivates us when it comes to our relationship with God.  Shame caused Adam and Eve to hide in the garden.  Although God was pursuing them, they wanted to hide.  God did not want them to hide.  He loved and respected them despite their sin.  Shame is sneaky that way…Even when we have been forgiven of our past sins it is a tool of the enemy to keep us from a deeper relationship with God.  Just remember, shame will never draw us to Him.  Knowing that we are loved, accepted, respected and have been made clean because Jesus paid our ransom is what brings us out of shame filled hiding and into His Hiding Place, so we can dwell with Him.

1. Take some time to journal about what has impacted you the last two weeks from the teachings on the temple.

2.  Under the Old Testament covenant the high priest visited the holy of holies once a year, but we are invited to dwell in the presence of God every moment of each day.  Do you identify more as one who visits God on occasions or do you identify more as one who dwells in the presence of God every moment?

Food Schedule for 10/4 includes tables 11-15.  Please bring a healthy snack to share with the group.  We are always getting more requests for fruit, veggies, and casseroles.

Much Love,
Lisa Keith / Director of Lifegate Women

Hearts Coordinator


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